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There's more to discover IN Indiana. From our beaches and national park to our numerous caves and resorts, for those willing to discover Indiana, they will experience the natural beauty, incredible history, and amazing adventures that Indiana has for them. So what are you waiting for? Are you IN?

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Planning a trip? Then you should come to the home of Hoosier hospitality. While Indiana is famous for Basketball and Motor Sports, there is so much more to discover than you ever could have imagined. From the deep caves in Southern Indiana to the rolling Indiana Dunes in Northern Indiana, Indiana is a diverse state full of natural and man-made marvels. Whether you love the outdoors, the arts, food, drinks, or history, Indiana has something for you.

And if you need more information, then you are in luck. Visit Indiana is your one-stop shop for information about travel and tourism in Indiana. With over 70 partners from around the state that contribute to this site, Visit Indiana provides all the information - from events to attractions to restaurants to hotels - you'll ever need to plan a great trip to Indiana. With easy and innovative tools to help you plan a trip, Visit Indiana will help make your next visit painless and fulfilling.

Basketball Experience IN Indiana

Basketball IN Indiana

Get your Game on with our Basketball Experience IN Indiana

See the Eclipse In Indiana in 2024

The 2024 Solar Eclipse

Don't miss this once-in-a-generation opportunity on April 8th, 2024!

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Military Sites IN Indiana

Learn Indiana History, honor our veterans, and more!


If you want more information on a destination, want to get ideas for different trips you can take, or read honest reviews about places IN Indiana, then our blog has the information you will want. Our blog spotlights places, events, and more for you to get the information you need. As a collaborative effort between Visit Indiana and a number of bloggers, the blog talks about many of the nuances and reasons why a place may be unique and worth going to.

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IN Indiana, there is always something fun and exciting to do right around the corner! Our Events and Festivals calendar is full of excursions from every part of the Hoosier state. Whether you like cultural festivals, want to see traveling museum exhibits, want to have a drink at a beer festival, or see what theater productions or concerts are happening near you, Indiana has a bit of everything for everyone all the time.

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Home Again IN Indiana

After moving away, these Hoosiers moved back to Indiana for a better quality of life. Let them tell you why they chose Indiana.

Life often takes people far from home, whether it is for work, family, or education, but Indiana has a strange way of drawing people back home. These Hoosiers all moved away from Indiana at one time or another, but they eventually came back. While they all left for different reasons, they all returned for one: Indiana offered something that other places couldn't.

Let these Hoosiers tell you what led them back to the Crossroads of America.

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