INDIANAPOLIS (March 7, 2024)Indiana Destination Development Corporation (IDDC) today announced $450,000 of grant funding for three Indiana Destination Development and six IN Indiana Placemaking Activation Grant projects.

"IDDC grants are a vital contribution to our thriving tourism landscape IN Indiana," said Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. "These partnerships not only foster innovation, but help to ensure a legacy for Indiana's cultural and economic future."

The Indiana Destination Development Grant is a matching grant between $50,000 and $250,000 to fund public high-impact projects that enhance existing tourism. These projects will enhance Indiana's capacity for attracting visitors, provide tourism experiences and enhance residential quality of life.

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, the Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science and the Indiana Military Museum are the recipients of the Indiana Destination Development Grant.

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society was awarded $250,000 to enhance the expanding linear heritage railroad destination in Pleasant Lake, Ind.. The enhancements will include site improvements, visitor amenities and new facilities.

The Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science was awarded $52,658 to complete an interior renovation and unveil a rare glass artwork by Pablo Picasso, "Seated Woman in Red Hat," in the summer of 2024.

The Indiana Military Museum was awarded $50,000 to complete the expansion of an additional 4,000 square feet to the existing display area as well as the development of a 1,200 square feet, 50-seat theater.

The IN Indiana Placemaking Activation Grant is a matching grant of up to $25,000 to fund signage and placemaking efforts. These projects will showcase local communities and connect them with the rest of the state using the IN Indiana identifier. The grants include a diverse group of locations and projects from urban to rural settings, in both large and small communities, in different regions of the state.

The following organizations were awarded the IN Indiana Placemaking Activation Grant:

  • City of Fort Wayne, awarded $25,000;
  • City of Madison, awarded $25,000;
  • Town of Danville, awarded $17,500;
  • DeKalb County Visitors Bureau, awarded $17,000;
  • Spencer County Visitors Bureau, awarded $8,431.50; and
  • Town of Lagro, awarded $4,410.

"Investing in our communities IN Indiana not only enhances the visitor experience, but also fosters sustainable development," said IDDC Secretary and CEO Elaine Bedel. "Through these grants, we are continuing to create a shared sense of identity, Hoosier pride and making a lasting impact on the cultural fabric of our state."

Indiana Destination Development Grant projects were presented during an executive session of the IDDC Board and funds were allocated during a public meeting following the presentations.

For more information about awards and grants, click here.

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