Start Your Basketball Trip!

See all the ways you can visit basketball locations near you!

There are many kinds of basketball locations throughout Indiana - from statues to historic gyms - and many ways to experience them. With so many locations and possible trips, it can feel daunting to think about planning a day or road trip to visit them.

That's why we have curated several trips you can embark on in Indiana as you journey between these unique locations. Choose whichever one fits you and begin exploring our basketball locations around the state.


More about our Basketball Trips

Pick from one of our seven trips! Whether you want to look at and admire, visit and learn, or get your hands dirty and experience, we have trips for you. We also have trips if you are more interested in our art involving basketball, are looking for a unique event to attend, are intrigued by the college basketball locations, or are curious about the history of basketball in Indiana. We have something for every basketball fan to experience, so see what trip fits you the best.

Then use our various tools to help you plan your trip, from our maps that show you where the locations are to the Things to Do sections that can help add to your experience. Enjoy the Hoosier Hospitality and passion surrounding our many basketball locations. 

While each trip has several locations, each location can be a day trip of its own. With each location including a place to see several things to do around them, you can make a day out of going to any one of these locations. If you are more interested in individual locations, whether for a specific location or a quick day-trip idea, click here to discover our many locations!