Basketball Locations IN Indiana to Experience

Many things in our To Experience list are must-dos during Hoosier Hysteria. They’ll leave you with lasting memories and a new adoration for Indiana’s favorite sport! Provide yourself with satisfaction and excitement by visiting our outdoor plazas and historical gyms, our stadiums, school arenas and more! Our lists will give you options to outdo and outrun your boredom year-round.

The items on this list have been selected to create another type of memory that gets you out of the house but keeps you from breaking the bank; we want to fully immerse you in the history of Indiana and our favored sport! Reflect on and identify the important milestones Indiana has met throughout history by heading to historic sites and museums or exploring a plaza filled with things to see and do! We wish for you to learn about basketball and enjoy the hours you spend doing so. With a variety of places and events, there will be something to cover everyone’s idea of a great day!

With classic fieldhouses that sustained the test of time, groundbreaking one-of-a-kind buildings and architecture, fine arena venues, grand multi-purpose coliseums and historical gyms, the To Experience lists show that each family member or group member will be well entertained throughout the day! Take a break, enjoy the days ahead, destress and see if you can achieve the sustained high of Hoosier hysteria!