Indianapolis plays host to the Big Ten Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments this March, marking Indy’s 10th time hosting the men’s championship and the 19th time hosting the women’s championship. The women’s tournament will be held from March 2-6 and the men’s tournament will be held from March 9-13.


For Big Ten men’s basketball fans, this is the last time to catch the action in Indianapolis until 2020, while the women’s tournament will be back each year through 2022. With the men’s and women’s teams from  both Indiana University and Purdue University having good seasons the tournaments should have a lot of Hoosier State fanfare.


Surrounding both tournaments will be a plethora of special events, including the Big Ten Hoops Day 5K, the Big Party, pep rallies and much more. Each Big Ten school is also paired with a downtown restaurant, providing a home base for the team’s fan base. Learn more about the events here.


Visit here for tickets to the women’s tournament.

Visit here for tickets to the men’s tournament.