I love being in the country. Having grown up surrounded by the quiet of farm fields and pastures, I yearn for that same peacefulness in the hustle of today’s schedules. Often my husband, who also grew up in the country, and I will drive through the rural area around our town, just to immerse ourselves in ‘green’.

The county of Elkhart has a great opportunity for fellow ‘green’ enthusiasts to get back to nature, literally.


On June 18, volunteers will host a combination sightseeing/exercising/ fresh air/ country biking fundraiser along the Pumpkinvine Trail in Elkhart County.

It is part of the Pumpkinvine Ride.

The route winds through this part of northern Indiana but a little over a mile is yet unpaved. Money raised from the day’s events will go towards the cost to pave the strip of land.


The ride will begin at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen on Saturday, June 18, at 7am. Rising that early on a weekend to see pastoral scenes of farms, pastures, creeks, and communities will be worth it, I promise.

Bicyclists will ride from Goshen to Middlebury, a distance of approximately 11 miles. It is another six miles to Shipshewana.

That distance would do it for me, but the stouthearted can attempt further distances of 50 and even 100 miles along pre-arranged routes. Hey, we didn't say this was for the faint of heart! This is not a race, but a leisurely opportunity to relax, challenge yourself and enjoy our beautiful state!


Volunteers will monitor the trail during the day, but riders are cautioned to stay on the trail and drink plenty of liquids and be respectful of others on the trail, including buggy traffic. This is a heavily populated Amish area.

funny bike

The name ‘Pumpkinvine Trail’ comes from a former railroad system that trekked through the area in curvy, random fashion, like a pumpkin vine.

June 19 is Father’s Day. Make Dad put aside the remote, pump up his tires and ride together for a little family time on the Pumpkinvine Trail. It’s sure to be a time to remember!

Cost: $50/ person. Tickets can be purchased the day of the ride.

Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds - Gate 1

17746 CR 34 - Goshen, IN 46528