All this month, Cambridge City (just about an hour east of Indianapolis) will be marking a significant national event - the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's funeral train procession.10402472_823238891056963_8686268011616678399_nIf you don't know, Cambridge City is situated on the historic National Road and the train procession passed through on its way from Washington, DC to Springfield, Illinois in the early hours of April 30, 1865. At that time thousands of people lined the route from Richmond (a city next door) to Indianapolis.

In order to commemorate the event, downtown building owners have decorated their buildings in mourning. It was common in that era (the Victorian era) for property owners to pay homage to community leaders by draping buildings in black and patriotic bunting.11009957_823238281057024_3757237536702660832_n Cambridge City in MourningIn addition, Cambridge City Main Street, Inc. is commissioning a mural to memorialize the event in a more permanent way. Lincoln muralNewspaper accounts from that year say that as the train came through it slowed as it passed the home of General Solomon Meredith (Union Army General in the Civil War).

Cambridge City is known for its antiques (heard of Antique Alley?) and on Saturday, April 25 they will be having the annual spring antique show. A great added bonus if you are visiting! For more information on other events and attractions in the area, be sure to Visit Richmond-Wayne County.