I'm a sucker for new exhibits. So when the Children's Museum of Indianapolis announced they would be replacing their Egypt exhibit with a new China exhibit I couldn't wait. Sadly, my daughter got to visit two times before I got there and she shared with me all she was able to learn and explore about China. And finally it was my turn.IMG_7133The museum is an expert at creating interactive, educational exhibits for kids and China is no exception.IMG_7125 IMG_7121 IMG_7123 IMG_7120 IMG_7126 IMG_7132My favorite part was the handwriting station ...IMG_7122And I also liked the examples of what China homes look like ...IMG_7130 IMG_7127Of course, you can't just go to one exhibit at the museum. We had to make our way around the whole place!IMG_7136 IMG_7135 IMG_7134Looking for some indoor fun this fall? Plan your visit to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis!