I've been to Lafayette several times in the last year and always find great places to eat. This last week, a new place was recommended to me and it did not disappoint - DT Kirby's. DT KirbysNow if you are looking for a place that specializes in great bar food ... you've met your match. It took me quite a bit of time to decide what I wanted. The menu has it fair share of specialities ... burgers, grilled cheeses, even chicken sandwiches. I settled on a four cheese grilled cheese (with their side of fries).Grilled CheeseThank goodness I was eating with others willing to share. DogFresco DoughYum - Vegetarian

My daughter ordered the kids corn dogs.Corn DogsBut the highlight for any kid ... a "shot" made of up Mountain Dew, sour patch kids and more sugar than I want to think about!

And don't know if you noticed it in the picture above, but the bathrooms even have a unique look about them.

Don't worry ... the door just leads to a large bathroom!

And while you are there, be sure to check out the variety of shops all within a a few blocks. For more information on other attractions and events in the area be sure to Visit Lafayette West Lafayette.