I have a four-year-old daughter. That means our house is full of dress up, crowns, princess shoes and pretty much anything pink and purple. So when I heard about the Enchanted Fairy Trail in Richmond, Indiana I knew it would be perfect for us.

All across the county fairy doors and gardens have "magically" appeared and they allow visitors a glimpse into the fairy world. Over 35 locations offer over 40 doors or gardens.We got up, grabbed our goodies to drop off in some of the fairy homes (we had a few sets of silverware perfectly fit for fairies) and headed to the Richmond, Indiana Welcome Center to pick up our brochure and get started. We spent the whole day searching for these beautiful doors and gardens. Some were awfully creative ...Some were quite hidden ...Many mimicked the door of the establishment (Old North Chapel was my favorite for doing that!) ...Some had things for us to do (eat a mint or leave a note!) ...And some were just plain adorable!Of course since it took all day to tour and search for the fairies, we had to stop and eat lunch! :) Out of the many places to choose from, we settled on Gyslain Richmond Bistro. The food was outstanding and the desserts ... oh my!We ended up finding over 20 fairy doors, houses or gardens! Whew. That's a lot folks, and we didn't even find half of them! I guess that means we will have to go back to finish the trail.

To learn more about the Enchanted Fairy Trail, visit Richmond's Facebook page and to plan your trip to the area, be sure and check out Richmond's visitor website full of trip ideas, restaurants, lodging and events.