Hopefully you have been enjoying the recent sunshine in the state ... I know I have. And to add to my excitement, I just found out about eXplore Brown County. They offer paintball, ATV tours, mountain biking and more, but I want to focus on their zip lines.Zippin in the TreeseXplore Brown County offers 15 different zip lines that include the fastest, longest and tallest twin racing lines in Indiana. All offered in the beautiful Brown County scenery. Unreal.eXplore Brown CountyThese zips incorporate trees and poles, with a mix of ground and elevated take-offs and landings. Child On EcobridgeYou can choose from six different tours and one even is offered at night. I'm telling you that as I'm reading the info online I'm getting so excited to try this out!

If that is not enough ... Trip Advisor just voted them the #1 Activity and Thing to Do in Brown County. It doesn't get much better than that.

Check out eXplore Brown County today. If you don't like heights, don't worry, you can check out their paintball, mountain biking or camping.

And round out your visit to the area by checking out other Brown County activities, events, lodging and more. (HINT: They even offer coupons!)

Now, excuse me while I go make my reservation.