The new amphitheater in the Nickel Plates Arts District was completed this past Spring, just in time for the Farmers Market season. While they've had several performers and concerts already (including my wife, who sang during a couple Farmers Markets already).

On Saturday, August 10, the Fishers Music Works will be hosting the Fishers Wind Symphony, a 45 piece wind ensemble, followed by the Nickel Plate Jazz Orchestra. The Jazz Orchestra is a 20-piece Big Band/jazz ensemble, which premiered in May 2013. This concert marks the very first appearance of the Fishers Wind Ensemble.

Fishers Music Works at the Nickel Plate Arts District Amphitheater Fishers Music Works at the Nickel Plate Arts District Amphitheater

The symphony will kick off the night at 7:00 pm, with several Americana tunes, starting with the National Anthem (of course; it's a tradition for every band concert), and transition into other American arrangements, including Leonard Bernstein, Charles Ives, a few marches, and some Broadway show tunes.

Both the Wind Symphony and the Jazz Orchestra are made up of area professional and semi-professional musicians, college students, enthusiastic amateurs, and even area school band directors. And they're even looking to start a Fishers Chamber Orchestra, which will require some funding to make it happen.

And while the Amphitheater is the natural place for the FWS and NPJO to play this summer, both groups are planning to launch their winter season this October at the Christ the Savior Lutheran Church in Fishers.

  Photo credit: Fishers Music Works