Are you searching for the perfect destination for a girlfriend getaway?

Try Huntington County, where you'll find boutiques, art galleries and tasty treats.

Nick's Kitchen

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Nick's Kitchen is a beloved local institution that has been serving delicious comfort food since 1908, and its most popular item is the original breaded pork tenderloin sandwich.

Tenderloin from Nick's Kitchen

They also make homemade pies (try the buckeye pie in a pie flight) and breakfast all day long.

A slice of pie from Nick's Kitchen

Speaking of breakfast, if you want to try the tenderloin, try the tenderloin biscuit (served all day). It's a biscuit with bacon, egg, cheese and a tenderloin, topped with their homemade sausage gravy. Nick's is the perfect spot for a hearty meal and a taste of local history. 

A pie from Nick's Kitchen next to a menu


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Antiqology is a treasure trove of vintage finds and antique treasures. This charming shop is a collection of home decor, furniture, and unique knick-knacks. It's the perfect spot to find a one-of-a-kind souvenir or gift for someone special. Their hand-crafted root beer is their specialty, but you can get ice cream floats or mocktails with any number of their craft sodas.

The interior of Antiqology

Everly Plant

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You won't want to miss Everly Plant if you're a plant lover. This botanical boutique specializes in houseplants, succulents, and air plants. They offer a wide variety of plants and can even help you create a custom terrarium. 

Interior of Everly Plant

More shopping awaits you in the quaint town of Roanoke. This charming downtown area has several boutique shops, antique stores, and art galleries. You can easily spend an entire afternoon wandering the streets and checking out the local wares.

Lavender Valley Farms

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If you're looking for something a little unique, check out the Lavender Valley Farms. This specialty store in Roanoke offers a variety of lavender-based products, including soaps, lotions, candles, and even culinary lavender for cooking and baking.

Joseph Decuis Emporium

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For lunch, head over to the Joseph Decuis Emporium. A local farmer owns this gourmet market and restaurant specializes in Wagyu beef. Stop by for lunch and enjoy a farm-to-table meal, or grab some goodies to take home.

Two-EE's Winery

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For a night of relaxation, head over to Two-EE's Winery. This award-winning winery offers wine tastings, live music, and a beautiful outdoor patio. The best way to enjoy a wine tasting is to make a reservation and order the wine and cheese pairing tableside for $15. It's the perfect spot to sip some wine and catch up with your friends.

A table at Two-EE's Winery


There is no shortage of Girlfriend Getaways in Huntington County or throughout Indiana. Check out these places and getaways throughout the state such as art museums, wineries, boutiques and more.