I just have to share about my food experiences while I was in Evansville a few weeks back. I hope you know about all there is to do there both outdoors and indoors. Be sure and check out the links if you don't. However, my purpose today is to tell you about two staple locations that are sure to make your taste buds happy. And if you are like me: if your taste buds are happy, you are happy.

First - Turoni's Pizza and Brewery. I'm basically becoming a pizza connoisseur across the state. I love it. Thick or thin, red sauce or white and toppings galore ... I love it! Turoni's did not disappoint!And the customer service was great. We were served one pizza that had a "bubble" in it. You know what I mean? When the crust kinda forms a bubble on the top. (You can tell in the picture where the toppings are missing.) Well, they immediately made us another pizza to make up for it. So nice!

Big bonus - we were there on a Friday night and they have a magician that goes from table to table doing tricks. Made my daughter's night! (And apparently mine as well by the look on my face in the picture!)Second - Lic's Deli and Ice Cream. Lic's stands for Lloyd's Ice Cream Shoppes and began in 1950 as one small location and all of the ice cream was made in the back room. Now, there are nine locations in Southwestern Indiana serving up deliciousness!We visited the location within walking distance to the children's museum (huge plus) and enjoyed our meal. Maggie's even came with a little treat just for her.Both great options while are you visiting Evansville. For more suggestions on where to wet your whistle, be sure and check out Visit Evansville's restaurant page. So many options ... so little time!