Sometimes you just want a weekend with the guys. Whether it is thrill-seeking, a day on the links or enjoying craft beer, you can find the perfect guys weekend just south of Indy in Festival Country Indiana. It is home to the great golf courses, disc golf and foot golf courses, and air sports like skydiving and paragliding.

Explore Freefall Skydiving offers a thrill just south of Indy.

First of all, why not make this the year to try skydiving or take classes to learn paragliding. Franklin Airfield is home to Explore Freefall Skydiving and Highly Dangerous Skydiving Center, both of which open for the season in mid-March, and Midwest Powered Paragliding, which starts instructing students each April.

Highly Dangerous Skydiving Center is highly fun.

If you like your feet firmly planted on the ground, Festival Country is known for its beautiful, challenging and fun golf courses.

The Legends is just one of the great golfing spots in Festival Country Indiana.

The area also features FootGolf at The Legends. There are also opportunities to play disc golf at Blue Heron Park, Grassy Creek Disc Golf Course, and Freedom Park. A fourth area disc golf course is being installed this spring at Johnson County Park.

When you get done playing, there’s nothing better than checking out the craft brew scene or chowing down on some made in Festival Country eats.

Tickets are now on sale for one of the biggest craft brew events in the state: Death & Taxes Day.

Taxman is popular year round, but Death & Taxes Day is their premier festival.

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Midwest Powered Paragliding offers students a chance to learn a skill that will take them to new heights.