About a year and a half ago I visited my first Indiana caves and it was an extraordinary experience. You get to wander through caves that other explorers have discovered. I often thought about what it would be like for those initial visitors to an unknown cave. How would it feel to crawl underground in the mud and muck? Now you (or I) can find out ...sP1080507seditedIndiana Caverns (Indiana's longest cave) welcomes would be explorers to climb, crawl and kayak deep underground. Visitors have the opportunity to descent a 93 foot shaft into a remote section of passage that was discovered in 2010. Once inside, you make your way down a steep mountain using a hand line until you reach the underground river which is a whopping 200 feet underground.sP1080474sedited sP1080503seditedHere you will wade downstream until you will need a kayak to continue exploring - you might even see a large population of blind cave fish and blind crayfish.sP1080532seditedThis wonderful cave exploration is offered for individuals or small groups and all you have to bring are the right clothes and a snack - Indiana Caverns provides the rest!sP1080524sSo, find some friends and try a unique cave exploring experience.

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