I've been to the Children's Museum many times but each time they release a new exhibit I get giddy anticipating how awesome it will be. The new Hot Wheels: Race to Win was no different.IMG_2429IMG_8498There were many exhibits to showcase the history and science of race cars.IMG_8501IMG_8511 IMG_8512And of course, many on-hands exhibits for kids to try their hand at racing cars ...IMG_8510 IMG_8504 IMG_8502What's a race car exhibit without a pit crew ...IMG_8505And being the winner!IMG_8509 IMG_8507Here's the kicker - Hot Wheels is only open through August 16. So you'll want to plan accordingly.

And of course you don't just visit for the new exhibits. The carousel ... IMG_8521Treasures of the Earth ...IMG_8516Health House ...IMG_8520 IMG_8518Ready to plan your trip? Visit the Children's Museum now. And for more information on events and attractions in the area, be sure to Visit Indy.