There's no reason to be ashamed of cheesy-mac cravings or Pop-Tarts penchants. Several Indy eateries are offering a sophisticated spin on these childhood staples, because let's be honest, kid's food trumps all.

1. Scratchtruck

"Scratch Grilled Cheese, oh how I love thee. This was the first time I've had ribs of any sort in grilled cheese, and it certainly won't be my last after this experience." -Yelper Kelly H.

Photo by Yelper Garvy S. Photo by Yelper Garvy S.


2. Milktooth

"Tried the strawberry rhubarb, pop rocks pop tart today. So good! The food is inventive and unforgettable." -Yelper Gillian S.

Photo by Yelp Indy Team Photo by Yelp Indy


3. St Elmo Steak House

"The king crab Mac and Cheese is a little slice of heaven. Great for a special occasion." -Yelper Jordan N.

Photo by Yelper Jason G. Photo by Yelper Jason G.


4. Black Market

"Different veggies and other delights await... and I will nom, nom them up with a bit of the homemade peanut butter (a surprisingly tasty combo)." -Yelper Mariam H.

Photo by Yelper Leslie H. Photo by Yelper Leslie H.


5. Bbi Cafe & Sandwich Bar

"If you're looking for something a bit more savory, try the bacon grilled cheese sandwich- probably the best grilled cheese I've ever had in my life." -Yelper Scot C.

Photo by Yelper Jason S. Photo by Yelper Jason S.


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