Hi, I’m Courtney Green, a junior at Butler University studying Strategic Communications. As a college student my course load can get pretty stressful, but there’s nothing my friends and I love more after a hard day of classes than to treat ourselves with a trip to Sweeties. I've always had a sweet tooth; however, when I came to college from Columbus, Ohio I was clueless as to where I could find a great bakery. Luckily, making friends native to Indianapolis fixed this problem when they told me that I had to try Sweeties, the rest as they say was history.

Located at 1081 Broad Ripple Ave, as soon as you enter Sweeties the smell of deliciously fresh pastries takes over your senses. With dozens of specialty cakes, cookies, ice cream and cupcakes deciding on a few treats can easily become the hardest decision of your day. My personal favorite is the Tom Brady cupcake, which is vanilla cake with chocolate icing but there is sure to be a treat to satisfy any craving. In addition to getting amazing pastries, my friends and I love coming to Sweeties because of the warm and friendly environment. The employees are passionate about their jobs and according to Kayla her favorite part about working at Sweeties is having “satisfied customers”. So the next time you are in the mood for a gourmet treat, stop by Sweeties to spoil your taste buds!