If you ever find yourself in the mood for a classic comfort food such as pizza and you are in the Indianapolis area just make your way to Broad Ripple to Bazbeaux Pizza. Located on 811 E Westfield Blvd, Bazbeaux Pizza rightly proclaims itself as “Indy’s Best Pizza since 1986.” Unlike the stereotypical pizza chains across the country, Bazbeaux prides themselves on the quality not the quantity of their pies. As a picky eater myself, I usually steer away from pizza because I’ve had it so many times I know I’m not in for something special. However, when my roommate took me to Bazbeaux for the first time I was surprised by the “create your own” pizza option and I was even more please when I tried it! The restaurant uses nothing but the freshest ingredients in their pizzas, which I feel, sets them apart from their competition. In addition, the atmosphere of Bazbeaux’s is nothing short of warm and inviting because the staff treats everyone who walks in the door as if they are family. I highly recommend Bazbeaux Pizza for any pizza lover and skeptic, you won’t be sorry you tried it!