I'm not sure if you are taking advantage of the 12 FREE days in Indy or not, but if you aren't ... that's just plain silly. On Monday there was free admission to the Indiana State Museum and since Maggie and I have never been there together it was the perfect excuse to go - and invite a friend!

The first exhibit we visited took us through the natural history of the earth ...The coolest thing for Mag and me was seeing this replica of Angel Mounds in Evansville. We had just visited that location earlier this year and it was really cool to make that connection!After that we experienced the history of Indiana. These are my personal favorite exhibits!I didn't get a picture, but my favorite part is the exhibit that features all of the famous Hoosiers. It is pretty cool to see who all came from this fine state. It was packed with people so any picture I took just didn't turn out. :(

Before we headed to the third floor, we stopped by "Santa's Playground." Housed in the education center is a room full of toys, crafts and games for children to play. It was a huge hit.Our final stop was the third floor. First we hit the "Mystery of Mammoths and Mastodons" which provided a great dig site for the girls!Then we ventured over to "Celebration Crossing." While we didn't wait in line to visit Santa (we've already done that), we did wait in line to ride the train!It was a great way to spend a chilly afternoon! And if you are looking for things to do in Indy this month, be sure and check out the 12 Free Days. It goes through Christmas Eve so you have plenty of time to explore!