Indiana's Signature 18, Sultan's Run Golf Club Visit Indiana Golf is highlighting the best 18 golf holes from 18 different public golf courses across the Hoosier State. We finish Indiana’s Signature 18 with the final hole at Sultan’s Run Golf Club in Jasper. Jasper, Indiana is nestled along the Patoka River in southern Indiana, just outside of the Hoosier National Forest. It was only a few years ago that this lush land was home to Supreme Sultan, a horse of history and literally a legend in his own time. It was over these hills and valleys of picturesque beauty that Supreme Sultan sired a record number of World Champion American Saddlebred horses. No place on earth can lay claim to this record. From its very beginning, this land was destined for greatness, but few would have predicted the creation of a world-class golf course that would entice champions. [caption id="attachment_439" align="alignnone" width="600"]Hole 18, Sultan's Run Golf Club Hole #18 at Sultan's Run Golf Club.[/caption] Sultan’s Run Golf Club stretches over 224 rolling acres of woods, water, and wildlife. The zoysia tee, fairways, and green surrounds offer a world-class playing surface. The roughs are a bermuda and fescue blend, while the green surfaces are of bentgrass. All 18 holes at Sultan’s Run Golf Course have been beautified in some shape or form from entirely new bunkering and reconstructed greens, to complete rework of several holes. The end result is that Sultan’s Run has become a world-class golf facility that golfers will talk about long after their round is done. The 18th hole on the course, named after the horse Supreme Sultan, is a left-to-right dogleg par 4, and is a classic finishing hole. Possibly the most dramatic signature hole in the state of Indiana. The tee shot is hit from a high perch to a wide, spacious bunkered fairway in the distance. The driver is your club of choice on the 18th tee. When you strike your uphill approach to the green, don’t swing too much club and airmail the putting surface where a waterfall sits. The pin should always be at the back of the green in order for you to maximize the presence of the waterfall. The view from the back of the 18th green down the fairway will be your final memory of your trek around Supreme Sultan’s former homestead, which is truly one of the marvels of Indiana golf.

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