We are always looking for fun places to visit with our boys. Not too far from home in Hamilton County is a wonderful outdoor museum called Conner Prairie. Known for its outdoor adventures, I’d heard about the museum building a new indoor exhibit that encourages hands-on play and exploring called Create.Connect.

The exhibit also uses science, technology, engineering and math to share some of Indiana’s past in innovation. Our oldest son, Jayden, loves science and our two younger sons, Chase & Kaleb, love exploring, so visiting Conner Prairie seemed like the perfect outing for us.

When we arrived at the museum, we were greeted by a friendly staff eager to help us. We all were given green stickers to put on our shirts and given the go ahead to go explore the museum.

Jayden almost immediately was attracted to the area where he was able to build a system of chutes and mechanical lifts to move a ball from start to finish. After numerous tries and pure determination, he finally made that ball roll into the finish hole. We all cheered when the ball dropped.

Chase was immediately attracted to the Makesmith Workshop. The staff members in this exhibit were fantastic. They took time to explain how to do each hands-on activity. Chase was able to saw a piece of wood, hammer several nails into a wood board, shave off slivers of wood and drill a hole into another wood board. He absolutely loved being able to use his hands in this manner. Jayden joined in on the fun hammering nails and drilling a hole into a wood board too. While little Kaleb was too young to do anything in the Makesmith Workshop, he had a blast learning how a windmill spins by spinning one.


Chase sawing a piece of wood and hammering nails.

Jayden & Chase drilling holes in wood.

All three boys loved creating their own paper planes and seeing how far they would fly. I’m pretty sure Kaleb’s went the farthest with the help of his big brother Jayden.

Jayden & Chase making paper planes

Take home a circuit bug for just $5.

In the hallway right across from the exhibition area, there was a table set up with two ladies helping children create circuit bugs that you can take home for just $5. Keep in mind that it takes about an hour to make one. Unfortunately, we waited too late in the day to create one. Jayden has it on his to do list for our next visit.


When we walked into the nearby Discovery Station my little Kaleb was so excited. This area of the museum is perfect for babies up to the age of nine. The boys immediately were drawn to the wooden castle and had fun running throughout it. Kaleb saw the train table which was full of train cars. He played there for at least 20 minutes. Jayden and Chase walked over to the Craft Corner, which is located across the room and decorated a paper umbrella. I loved that they had seats and tables for all ages of children. They all played with each other at the market and Jayden put on a show for Chase and Kaleb with the help of a chicken puppet. There was so much to do that the boys weren’t able to do it all.

Kaleb playing at the train table.


Chase & Jayden coloring paper umbrellas.

Jayden and I have been to Conner Prairie before on his school field trip when the outside grounds were open and there is so much more to do. But, even on days where the weather is dreary, I highly suggest checking out their indoor areas; Create.Connect, the Discovery Station and Craft Corner. Your children will have so much fun exploring, learning, creating and using their hands. A perfect stop for a staycation Spring Break.