The year was 1914, World War I was beginning, the Boy Scouts of America had just been incorporated, it had been only two years since the Titanic struck an iceberg, the Boston Braves won the World Series, and Macedonian immigrants opened up the first coney dog stand in Fort Wayne, United States.

Menu Items at Fort Wayne's Famous Coney Island

Ft. Wayne's Famous Coney Island

A century and a decade later, not much has changed at this classic place that serves up a slice of nostalgia with each slice of pie, grilled dog or cup of chili. The interior is largely the same, and the recipes haven’t changed. It’s like a beautiful trip in a time machine when you stand outside watching rows of dogs being cooked and then head inside to sit on a stool to have your lunch with a glass bottle of Coca-Cola to wash it down.

Exterior Fort Wayne's Famous Coney Island

The menu is short and simple—just five items aside from beverages and a bag of chips or pie. There’s the Coney Island Hot Dog (also available without the coney sauce), a hamburger, a cheeseburger, homemade chili and oven-baked beans. Chili is made without the beans, so some customers order the last two items and mix them together. 

Making Hot Dogs in Window at Ft. Wayne Coney Island

Prices are also quite a throwback. As of May 2024, it’s just $1.95 for a Coney Island Hot Dog, a bowl of oven-baked beans or an 8-ounce bottle of Coke. The most expensive item is a $4.75 cheeseburger. The place was started to cater to the blue-collar workers in the area, and it’s still a friendly, economical place where they can feel at home. But it’s really a spot where everyone is welcome - families, couples, workers on a lunch break, solo diners grabbing a quick bite, tourists or anyone else who loves a little dash of yesteryear with their meal. For more information, visit