Art abounds in downtown Franklin. This charming city has become known for its Hallmark-worthy feel, lively festivals, great shopping and attractions like The Historic Artcraft Theatre. What some may not know, however, is that Franklin has also cultivated a vibrant art scene. There are more than 20 murals sprinkling the streets with color, events dedicated to the celebration of art, and exciting alleys creating must-see selfie destinations. 

Artcraft Theater

The first in Franklin’s collection of decorated alleys is Artcraft Alley. Appropriately located next to The Historic Artcraft Theatre, this colorful passageway was designed with 200 colorful stars hanging overhead. During the day, the stars add a pop of color and create a fun selfie spot, but it’s at night, when they glow under black, that they truly shine. Fun fact: the number 200 is in celebration of both the city and county bicentennials, which occurred in 2023. Each school in the county is represented in the stars’ colors.

Kuji Alley

Kuji Alley

The next alley, located along East Court Street, is Kuji Alley. This cultural alley honors Franklin’s sister city of Kuji, Japan. It showcases stunning murals of koi fish and water along the walls and ground, a three-dimensional cherry blossom tree, a traditional footbridge and Japanese lanterns suspended overhead. The lanterns also illuminate the alley at night, casting a soft glow and creating another unique, Instagrammable art experience.

Upcoming Projects

Soon, the art scene in Franklin will get even more exciting with the upcoming remodel of Veterans Alley, a tribute to the men and women who have served in the armed forces. This alley will honor local veterans with powerful art installations that celebrate their service and commitment.  

Other Art Displays

Along with the alleys, Franklin is home to more than 20 murals and public art displays, each made by local artists. And if you venture beyond Franklin, you’ll discover almost 20 more murals scattered throughout Festival Country. Whether you’re an art admirer or just looking for the perfect backdrop for your next photo, Festival Country is sure to impress.


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