When I was growing up as a kid we had doughnuts every Saturday morning. I would always wake up to a box of delicious doughnuts sitting on the kitchen table that my dad had just brought home. My sister and I would stuff our faces and smile with a satisfied chocolatey grin at my parents when we had eaten all of the sugarey goodness.

Because of this, I am always on the lookout for a great doughnuts. You know the kind. The kind where the dough is still warm and there is just enough icing that oozes over the side. Sometimes there is a sprinkle on top.

When I heard about Jack's Donuts I knew I had to try it. I wasn't sure what flavors to get since there were so many delicious looking doughnuts. There were two employees in the store and they described each one to me with detail. They had me sold on buying all of them but I settled on grabbing a half dozen.

Image Source: http://www.jacksdonuts.com/

The case of doughnuts held 35-plus different flavors. They ranged from cakes to fritters and chocolate-galzed to peanut-coating. They had a donut for anyone and even flavor combinations I would never think of putting on a doughnuts. Such as their maple glazed doughnuts with bacon toppings.

I thought that my box of six carefully baked doughnuts would be expensive but I was ready to pay the price. When the cashier rung me up I was astonished to find that the donuts were only 99 cents apiece! Delicious doughnuts and for a cheap price? Sold me.

Jack's Donuts has three different locations. There are establishments in Fishers, New Castle and Greenfield. Head over to the closest Jack's Donuts to you for some of the best doughnuts you'll taste.