Now for more attractions in Jasper, Indiana. Two of my favorites are literally around the block from each other.

First - Spirit of Jasper Train. Several years ago, the city got behind the project of revitalizing the old town depot. A pretty cool building that is now rented out for small parties.IMG_6277A few years after that, the Spirit of Jasper Train started operating. They took old train cars and had local businesses renovate them to today's standards. Pretty nice, huh?TrainTrainAnd now you can choose between about five different rides they offer throughout June - November including a ride and dine, French Lick excursion or the fall foliage. (Mental note: come back to do this soon!). While no rides were going during my visit, I did get to tour the cars and depot.DepotThen we visited the Jasper City Mill.MillThe mill was recently reconstructed to resemble the former mill that stood in its place. Not only can you learn the history of the mill (thanks to wonderful volunteers!), but you can watch it in action.MillMillMy daughter even go to try her hand at shucking corn!MillAnd don't forget to pick up some of its very own corn meal.MillMy visit to Jasper was full of great stops and I didn't even get to it all. I already have a list for next time (including Monastery of Immaculate Conception for sure!).

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