Step into history with a stop at this Parke County Winery. Located on Bridgeton Road, the winery is north of the town of Bridgeton.

Cross at a Walk Britton Winery pays homage to a family history that you can explore throughout the county. The Britton name may sound familiar. The name is on covered bridges throughout the area. The winery is owned and run by Terry Britton. Terry's  great-great grandfather built 14 covered bridges in the area. Thirteen are still standing.

J.A. Britton is featured on one of Terry Britton's wines

Terry Britton's father is also featured on one of the winery's offerings

Covered Bridge History

J.A. (Joseph Albert) Britton and sons constructed the bridges, and the winery’s walls feature historical family photos. While talking to Terry, he mentioned that J.A. had applied for the first-ever liquor license in Parke County. He didn’t get it. “We’ve come full circle, and here we are!” Terry says, with a quiet smile.

The Winery

The Parke County winery features 17 different kinds of wines, including award-winning blueberry and blackberry wines. Wine slushie flavors vary from weekend to weekend, and include BlueBlack (blueberry and blackberry wines), peach, strawberry and more.

The parking lot fills with motorcycles, four-wheelers, bicyclists, and more. Food trucks at various times on weekends provide a nice nuance to a vibrant stop on the backroads.

Sanatorium Covered Bridge, 1913, one of 13 remaining J.A. Britton bridges still standing