It doesn’t truly feel like fall to me until my hubby and I take our boys to a pumpkin patch. This year, the boys were ecstatic to learn that we would be visiting the Piney Acres Farm in Fortville, Indiana. We were invited to a sneak peak of Piney Acres Farm in September.

As we drove up and parked, we could see several things immediately; an animal farm, a bouncing pad, an area designated to ride pedal carts, a playground and a tall mining tower that you cannot miss. When we walked in the building, we were greeted with an array of Halloween decorations that you could buy and the aroma of simmering pulled pork. So, naturally we decided to eat first and play later. I mean who wants to play on an empty stomach.

We were able to try some of the new menu options that will be available for purchase this season including pulled pork and chicken sandwiches paired with chips and pretzels and a delicious peach cobbler. All of these items will be available for purchase when you visit this fall season.

After eating, we made our way out of the building to all of the activities happening on the grounds. The boys immediately saw people feeding goats, chickens and pigs. So, of course they asked if they could feed the animals. For just 25 cents, the kids were able to get a handful of food to feed them. The animals were eager to eat the food from out of their hands. I even took a moment to feed a goat.

Kaleb having fun on the jumping pad.

The kids then headed over to the jumping pad. This area is always a kid favorite. A short time later, they noticed kids riding on pedal carts and ran over to do the same. I was happy to see that there were big ones and small ones because my 11-year-old is a lot taller than my 8-year-old. They both were able to ride comfortably. After about 10 minutes, the boys decided to find something else to do. One of the employees encouraged them to try their newly installed hamster wheel. The kids were elated to see this human sized hamster wheel and immediately got in and started running to make it move. I’ll tell you that it definitely takes a team effort, but they were able to get it to go pretty fast.

Jayden and Chase running in the human-sized hamster wheel

After they came out, we saw a playground and a tall tower that said, Piney Acre Gem Mine across the field. My youngest ran straight for the playground and my oldest ran straight for the gem mining area. Kaleb had a blast exploring the playground and sliding down the slides with his brother, Chase, and Jayden tried his hardest to find some gold, but we just ran out of time.

Our last activity for the evening was a hayride. We all enjoyed riding through the fields and hearing wonderful stories from the owners who joined us, all while watching the sun set. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful evening. We will definitely be back. Although we did a lot, there were so many activities that we didn’t get to do including the 1-acre kid’s corn maze and the haunted house.

Be sure to visit Piney Acre Farms before the fall season comes to an end. And, check their website for admission prices, discount days on admission and food.