I recently highlighted my trip to Richmond (just an hour east of Indy) and focused on the kid friendly places we stopped. But it is important to note the other stops that were full of learning, history and fun.

Model T MuseumIMG_0944IMG_0946The Model T Ford Club of America is headquartered in Richmond and with it - the Model T Museum.IMG_0950 IMG_0953My visit was short, but the history I learned was amazing. And the cars/fire trucks/"snowmobiles" were like none I had ever seen.IMG_0958 IMG_0965 IMG_0956But my favorite is one that is on loan (only for a few more weeks) ... The Silver StreakIMG_0961This is the famous 1926 Tin Lizzie that took one young girl and her friends all over the country and brought them years of adventures! Pictures and photos tell the story, but this is something you just have to see for yourself.IMG_0963 IMG_0964And we even got to go for our own Model T ride!IMG_0973Wayne County Historical MuseumIMG_0984Everything about this museum was educational and truly fascinating. The reality that so many stories came from this county ... you just have to experience it. Mummies, doll houses, cars, historical buildings ...IMG_0987 IMG_0990 IMG_0992 IMG_1004 2016-07-08 16.00.04If you have the opportunity to take a tour through here - do it! The stories I heard about: the first lawn mower, who invented shelves on the door of a fridge and about the first car phone - they were incomparable!

Have I mentioned the murals in this community? There are over 80 murals woven among the historical buildings and ultimately telling the history of this region. IMG_0945 IMG_0913 IMG_0910 IMG_0978For more information on any of the above, be sure to Visit Richmond Wayne County. It is full of itineraries, trails and event information.