I mentioned my visit to Evansville the other week and all of the great outdoor attractions they have. While I was there, I also got to visit a few wonderful indoor attractions as well and since the weather is turning a bit colder, I thought it would be a great reminder of all there is to do.

I often have a four-year-old with me when I travel and that does guide a lot of where I go. However, I think it is important for her to visit some educational sites as well and learn about history. That is why stopping at the Reitz Home Museum was a great fit.Located in the heart of the historic preservation district sits this beautiful house that was once home to John Augustus Reitz. Upon arriving in Evansville and realizing his idea of supporting the pottery industry wasn't profitable (because of over saturation in the area), he built a sawmill. Within 40 years his mill produced more feet of hardwood lumber than any other in the country. He built his home in 1871 for his wife and seven of his children. (Note the picture of the woodwork. Remember ... he owned a sawmill and it is easy to see why the home has such gorgeous custom flooring.Five of the children never married (four sisters and a brother) and they continued to live together in the house. Don't you just wish you could go back and be a fly on the wall then?Pictures don't do it justice, but the decor is beautiful and while the home has changed hands a few times, it forever became part of the Reitz Home Preservation Society in 1974 and is now open for tours. (And here is my tip for traveling with young ones to places that might challenge their freedom: I always have Maggie pick her favorite thing in each room and tell me why she likes that. It might be furniture, a toy, a picture, but it helps for her to have something to look for and helps me be able to enjoy the visit as well!)

Our second indoor stop was one that certainly fit my daughter to a T - The Children's Museum of Evansville or cMoe as it is called. Housed downtown in an old library building, this museum was a great find on a rainy day!

A few of our favorite exhibits were:

Speak Loud - Arts is encouraged in here and they have a music room, a theater and face painting.Work Smart also provided plenty of entertainment ...And who can forget the Quack Factory! It was a HUGE hit with all age groups.So if you are looking for some indoor fun as the weather gets a little colder, be sure and check out Visit Evansville and all they have to offer.