An institution in Indianapolis known best for its hot yeast doughnuts, Long’s Bakery serves up a number of tasty treats for its loyal customer base. While there’s nothing like stopping in for a box of these fresh-baked round or twisted delights - sometimes frosted, sometimes filled, sometimes dusted - there’s a sinful little treat that you may be overlooking. It’s called the Mary Ann, and it is pure chocolate bliss.

For any kid that has grown up in the past half century, you probably enjoyed a delicious little snack cake called a Ding Dong packed in your lunch box at some point or ate one as a snack after school. The little round chocolate cakes have whipped cream filling and then are coated in chocolate for extra measure. 

Mary Ann at Long's

Long’s Bakery has something similar, but they’ve leveled it up with the addition of a chocolate-coated marshmallow topping. So, it’s like a Ding Dong on the bottom (but a freshly made one—not one that was processed in a factory, loaded with preservatives and sat on a shelf for weeks or months) and then sitting on top of it is a swirl of marshmallow. The whole thing has a rich chocolate coating in which it is encased.

Long's Bakery

One bite will take you back to those childhood days. It’s definitely the flavor of nostalgia. They took a beloved treat that we loved and made it better - creating it fresh daily and adding a yummy feature that also gives it a fun presentation. If you are a chocolate lover, run - don’t walk - to Long’s Bakery and get one (or two or three) of these to try. You’re welcome in advance!

Mary Ann at Long's Bakery

Visit Long’s Bakery at one of their two Indianapolis locations and check them out on Facebook for more information and hours.