Tucked in a littler corner on Indy's northwest side is Traders Point Creamery. While it is literally minutes from downtown, once you step onto their grounds you immediately feel like you are a hundred miles away from any city. I think you can see why ...Traders Point Creamery is a family-owned, organic dairy farm and artisan creamery. It started in 2003 with 150 acres of family farmland and has transformed into quite a destination.The feather in the Creamery's hat so to speak is that it is Indiana's first USDA-certified organic dairy farm in Indiana. Their farming practices combine time-honored techniques with current innovations in sustainable agriculture. But that is only part of the reason visitors keep coming back. Here are a few of the others ...

  1. The Loft Restaurant: Open for lunch and dinner (as well as Sunday brunch), the restaurant features a strong organic emphasis. Many ingredients –like their garden-fresh produce, artisan cheeses, organic dairy products, grassfed beef and pastured pork –travel only a short distance from their land to their kitchen. Plus the menu changes seasonally.
  2. Private and Self-Guided Tours: If you have a group of 12 or more, Traders Point Creamery will provide a private 45-minute tour ($6/person) where you can get up close and personal with the animals, see the daily processes of the farm and learn about how their award-winning products are made. The tours are custom designed to meet the interest level of each group. If you don't have a group, for $2/person you can stroll the grounds and enjoy the beauty of the farm. It includes a 1.3 mile hiking trail. (Limited hours do apply to the self-guided tour.)
  3. Cow-milking! Each day at 6pm visitors are invited into the milking parlor to experience the cows up close - for no fee! Unfortunately we didn't visit at the right time, but could still get a feel for the operation!
  4. The Dairy Bar: From 11am-5pm daily you can enjoy whole milk ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies and more. (We highly recommend the blackberry shake if it is available!)
  5. The Green Market: Depending on the season, either Friday night or Saturday morning you can find local vendors using sustainable practices to create the most healthful products.
  6. The Store: If you live in the Indy area you will find Traders Point Creamery products available in several stores. If not, you can visit their store on-site or order from their website!
  7. Events: Throughout the summer, Traders Point Creamery offers "Dinner on the Deck" and live music. Check out their events page for more details.

A great destination with a great purpose. Check it out!