1103rsTrainBooth200dpi A member-constructed ticket booth sits outside the Trains on Main exhibit entrance in Rising Sun.

As a young girl growing up near Pittsburgh, some of my fondest Christmas memories include the vast holiday decorating my parents would undertake. Dad--the original “Clark Griswold” of Christmas Vacation movie fame—with trees, wreaths, and thousands (and thousands) of lights evoked memories my family and countless others will never forget. My father drew so much power with his endeavors that his electric provider issued him his own transformer!

What spectators didn’t see however, was the elaborate train display that my father built in our game room. With both his dad and grandfather having worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad, it was "McCormick family tradition" to have trains during the holidays.

1100Trains2003X4 An engine and Pennsylvania Railroad car at the Trains on Main in Rising Sun.

1094Trains_Dec2015.jpg200 Over 10 tracks with trains and miniature scenery fills Heritage Hall in downtown Rising Sun.

When I visited Heritage Hall in Rising Sun recently it produced fond memories of my Christmas past. Not just my older brother and me scooting on the tile floor under a work-in-progress train platform while Dad wasn't around or finally being old enough to be the conductor. It was reminiscent of all of us sharing family history--from talking about my late Grandpap McCormick, a conductor turned inspector of "real" trains to table-top models with engines that blew smoke and cars that dumped logs that traveled up a conveyor belt.

0804MikeEstep_KendalRMiller.jpg125_4X6 Member Mike Estep forms mountains as he works on creating the train display inside Heritage Hall in Rising Sun.

The nearly 15 members of The Conductors of Southeastern Indiana’s feature over 10 tracks of model trains with miniature buildings, vehicles, and landscapes. A family-oriented organization, the troupe not only promotes “family unity” but a learning experience of how real trains affected our history and daily existence.

Trains on Main takes place now through January 3, 2016 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. with the exception of closed on Wednesdays. Heritage Hall is located at 214 Main Street in downtown Rising Sun.

1083Trains_Dec20152003X4 Some of the Trains on Main display incorporates local signage into the design.

Admission is $1 per person with a maximum of $5 per family.  The event is free for service men and women, police, firefighters, rescue workers, and children under five.

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Trains on Main is sponsored by Rising Sun/Ohio County Tourism and Rising Sun Main Street.

Photos by Kendal R. Miller