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It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it's kids jumping on trampolines! The biggest craze in sports right now, indoor trampoline parks. In the Lafayette-West Lafayette area we have not one, but two locations that are both wonderful to jump your heart out.

A trampoline park is an indoor space covered in different sized trampolines and mats for your jumping enjoyment in a safe environment. There are also foam pits and different obstacles to be climbed or jumped on. Referees (staff members) are also present to ensure the safety of all jumpers.

Elite Air Elite Air

Elite Air Trampoline Park is located on Fortune Drive in Lafayette, where Elite Gymnastics Club holds their practices and meets. Elite Air is unique for its “Toddler Time” jumps on weekdays. This is for those 6 and under to have free roam of the trampolines while the older kids aren’t around. Ninja classes are also offered for those youth to learn how to climb up different obstacles.

Get Air Lafayette is our other local trampoline park located on State Road 38 in Lafayette. Get Air is unique for its knocker balls (inflatable bumper balls) and dodge ball room. The obstacles courses are so hilarious to watch people try and conquer. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t ever be able to defeat them! The obstacles are way harder than they look!

Elite Air

Both locations offer birthday party packages for kids. What a great way to entertain and celebrate the next big occasions.

Trampoline parks are a great way to get in some fun exercise. Whether you want to escape the summer humidity or stay active in the winter months, it's always fun to jump around! We are lucky to have two locations for a hopping good time!

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