Indiana's only theme park will be in the national spotlight on Tuesday, as Holiday World & Splashin' Safari are featured on Travel Channel's Bert the Conqueror show.

Bert is quite a character.

Bert the Conqueror

If you're familiar with the movie Van Wilder, then you already know more than you may want to about this "everyman" who spent more time in college than most of us took to get through grade school.

But Bert ... he's a hoot. And he has a laugh that will make you smile for days.

Bert also has a scream that will leave your ears ringing for weeks.

Just ask sisters Leah Koch and Lauren Crosby. They're fourth-generation park owners who spent the day with Bert, showing him the ropes and coaxing him on board rides and slides.

Bert also has a thing for Tervis tumblers, but that's another story (one told by Leah on our latest podcast episode if you'd like to hear more).

Bert & LaurenLauren and Leah each rode Thunderbird with Bert. As our launched wing coaster went from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, Bert's screams soared right along with it into the woods.

But that didn't keep him from riding again.

And again.

Bert also conquered Mammoth, the world's longest water coaster. And finally, he visited with our high-dive team for some tips on ... well, diving.

Please tune in on Tuesday, August 2 at 2pm EDT (1pm CDT) to see the show.

And the next time you visit Holiday World and ride Thunderbird, listen carefully for the echoes of Bert's screams in the woods. You just might hear our conquering hero's wails to this very day.