Since the fall I've been looking forward to the newest exhibit at Conner Prairie - the Treetop Outpost. And July 1, 2016 it opens!! IMG_0681I was able to get a sneak peek earlier in the week and was amazed at the entire experience. When you leave Prairietown and enter the Nature Walk you are greeted with signs marking the way to the treetop outpost ...IMG_0679 IMG_0680But the beauty of this "exhibit" is that it is ALL interactive and hands on. Let's start with the Treetop Outpost itself. With FOUR stories it has something to do in each nook and cranny (and the bottom levels are handicapped accessible!). The suspension bridge is just wobbly enough that I could do it and not get dizzy!2016-06-28 10.42.23editedThe entrance is full of inventors who have been inspired by nature and what is around them ...IMG_0682The lower level (my personal favorite) features a book nook where you sit back and relax (seats courtesy of the old Bush stadium in Indy!) ...IMG_0685The upper levels give you the opportunity to look at nature and interact with those below you and the view is not bad either!IMG_0684 2016-06-28 10.39.58Back on the ground is a whole area focused on hands on performing ... play music, decorate a teepee, paint a pot, dig in the sand ... go to town!IMG_0692 IMG_0696 IMG_0693 2016-06-28 10.43.44edited 2016-06-28 11.00.05editedOne of my favorites in this area was the open picture frames that encouraged you to create your own art ...2016-06-28 10.47.29editedOnce we were finished exploring the treetop outpost, we headed down the nature walk. I first thought this would be a casual walk through the wooded area, but it is peppered with facts along the way to engage and visitors and be educational ...IMG_0698 IMG_0702And of course, beautiful views!IMG_0701But you can't leave Conner Prairie without experiencing the rest of the grounds!2016-06-28 11.53.12 2016-06-28 11.52.15 IMG_0706 IMG_0677 IMG_0678If you know me at all, you know you don't have to twist my arm to go to Conner Prairie. I'm a huge fan of all they do, but the Treetop Outpost is certainly one exhibit NOT to miss.

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