Indiana's craft spirits scene continues to gain national acclaim. Indiana is home to numerous distilleries, but one was recently recognized as one of America's best for Vodka and Rum! This distillery in Bloomington has been wowing the palates of visitors since 2015 with award-winning spirits.

vodka and rum, Indiana distillery, Cardinal Spirits

Cardinal Spirits was just voted America's second-best distillery for craft vodka and fourth-best for craft rum by USA Today's 10Best readers. Indiana was the only state to have a distillery finish in the top 10 in both vodka and rum. USA Today's panel of experts nominated a list of 20 distilleries for each of the two categories, and voters from across the country selected the nation's best by online vote.

Pride Vodka, Cardinal Spirits, Indiana Distillery

USA Today said of Cardinal Spirits' vodkas:

"Indiana’s Cardinal Spirits crafts two different vodkas in their Bloomington distillery. Cardinal Spirits Vodka is made from Argentinian white grapes for a smooth, fruity spirit, while Pride Vodka is fermented and distilled from Indiana corn, with a portion of profits going to local LGBTQ organizations."

Tiki Rum, Indiana distillery, Cardinal Spirits

USA Today on Cardinal Spirits' rums: 

"Rum lovers have two spirits to choose from at Indiana’s Cardinal Spirits. The light Tiki Rum, perfect for mixing, is fermented and distilled from cane juice and light molasses using hefeweizen and wild sugarcane yeasts. Lake House Spiced Rum is infused with whole botanical ingredients, such as vanilla, cardamom and orange peel."

Cardinal Spirits serves much more than just vodka and rum. The distillery has brought home national awards for its Terra Botanical Gin, Black Bear Bierschnaps, Songbird Coffee Liqueur, Bramble and Nocino! Canned cocktails allow visitors to take the delicious tastes of the distillery home or on the road!

Cardinal Spirits, Indiana distillery

Cardinal Spirits is one of many Indiana distilleries getting recognized nationally for excellence. Read about this Southern Indiana distillery that was honored for America's best bourbon.

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