If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing experience around Indy, I found your place. Nestled just 45 minutes southwest of Indy lies Willowfield Lavender Farm.IMG_0580Let me first introduce you to Kiernan and Elizabeth ... the wonderfully adorable owners of the lavender farm.ConnorIf you spend more than 30 seconds with them you can't help but feel their passion and love for their farm. Both originally from different parts of Indiana, they decided to purchase land in hopes of retiring here. Over the course of the last 20+ years they have built a gorgeous home on the property (mostly from recycled materials) ...2016-06-01 10.51.43 HDR-2editedAnd began a lavender farm (16 seasons ago) ...IMG_0610The fields peak in mid-June (now!) and the grounds are surrounded by areas to rest, relax, visit or just bring a book and relax or have fun!  IMG_0607 IMG_0613IMG_0605See that porch? I spent time visiting with the owners and enjoying lavender tea and - my new favorite - lavender cookies!IMG_0614The lavender farm hosts events such as evening concerts and weddings - usually under this "wedding tree". IMG_0608And for lavender treats to go ... a gift shop!IMG_0573 IMG_0577 IMG_0574Visiting is FREE, the concerts ask for a minimal fee ($5) and the relaxation is just a wonderful by product. For more information on Willowfield Lavender Farm be sure to visit their website.

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