Winter is coming. But fear not because there is a ton of winter adventure in Western Indiana that can help you fight the winter blues.

Cataract Falls is a great place to start a day of adventure. All seasons have their own beauty here, especially in Winter. Ice covers the Upper and Lower Falls. Streams are patchworks of open water and sheets of ice. Overlooks are accessible to all.

Winter activities- Mill Creek Flow Cataract Falls

Next on the list of winter activities- Mill Creek flows over two bedrock ridges creating the falls. Indiana’s largest waterfall by volume is located in Owen County and is part of the Cagle’s Mill Lake complex. Walk across Cataract Covered Bridge for a nice panorama of the Upper Falls. 


A Pork Tenderloin Stop

Stop by Lou’s Diner in Cloverdale for breakfast or lunch. The diner is famous for breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches. Then ditch the map and wander the backroads.

Lou's Dinner- Winter Activities

Clinton Falls

Clinton Falls is a great place to check the weather. Stop by the waterfalls that wander through this historic beauty spot. (Please, don’t steal the rope!)

Winter Activities- Clinton Falls

Keep going. West Central Indiana has birds galore, including eagles. Watch the streams and waterways for great blue herons and Canada geese. Common duck sightings include hooded mergansers, canvasbacks and wood ducks.

Winter Activities- State Parks

Many parks and state properties have hills of all sizes for sledding. Choose your comfort level and take a ride!

Raccoon Lake Landon Hulet, Carson Hulet and Roman Mitchell launch their sled down a hill at Raccoon Lake State Recreation Area.

As the day winds down, the beauty of sunset is everywhere. Deer forage in the snow. Picnic tables await Spring as daylight fades.

Winter Activities- State Sanatorium Bridge

Be sure to check out the new Indiana State Nature Passport! Winter in Indiana doesn’t last long. Get out and enjoy the wonder of waterfalls and winter byways.

Clinton Falls in western Putnam County