If you are traveling in Indianapolis and have the familiar hunger pangs but are craving something a little more sophisticated be sure to try Oh Yumm! Bistro. Located on 5615 N Illinois St, just five minutes from Butler’s campus, Oh Yumm! Bistro serves as the perfect place for parents to take their college students out to eat. Speaking from experience, I know that one of my favorite activities to do with my parents when they visit is letting them treat me to a nice meal! If Oh Yumm! Bistro is the choice that your family decides on you will not be disappointed. Pat Smith, a close friend of mine, works at the bistro and had only great things to say not just about the atmosphere but the excellent selection of food as well. When asked what his favorite item on the menu was Pat couldn’t “just pick one” adding that there were several items from every meal that he loves. He was adamant that his “favorite dessert ever eaten” was the chocolate chip bread pudding saying that it was very popular with his customers. Dining at Oh Yumm! Bistro not only ensures great food but a warm and friendly environment as well. Known for the genuine relationship coworkers’ share with customers, Oh Yumm! Bistro is an ideal up scale restaurant.