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You can promote a festival or event for free on the events calendar on Event listings must include a photo, description, street address and website link. The event may go live up to 9 months prior to the event start date and remain live until the last date of the festival or event.

After submitting, allow for 3-5 business days before confirmation of acceptance. You will receive an email of your acceptance or denial as soon as we review them. 

Copy may be edited for style, grammar, clarity, consistency and conciseness.

Is Your Event Eligible?

The following types of events MAY QUALIFY to be considered for a listing on

  • An event that is participatory, unique, holds mass appeal for all age groups, open to the public, is four hours or more in length, offers multiple activities, is non-commercial in nature, has a track record of advertising that attracts attendance from outside the county, and is recognized nationally or regionally
  • Events that may be considered for VISITINDIANA.COM include, but are not limited to:
    • Non-permanent exhibits displayed by non-profit organizations
    • Holiday events (i.e., Fourth of July fireworks displays)
    • City/town-organized parades
    • Established/professional performing arts venues
    • National/regional/state sporting events and competitions
    • A seasonal holiday event with multiple activities, four hours or more in length
    • A current festival member of the Indiana State Festivals Association

The following types of events WILL NOT BE INCLUDED on

  • Multi-week/month events- Except for non-permanent exhibits and performing arts venues
  • Events held by a privately owned business, a dealer show, or a retail mall promotion
  • Other events that will not be considered for VISITINDIANA.COM include, but are not limited to:


  • auctions
  • beauty pageants
  • business expositions
  • church bazaars
  • classes
  • competitions
  • conferences
  • dedications
  • dinner/dances
  • Easter egg hunts
  • fish frys
  • fundraising dinners/dances
  • garage sales
  • grand openings
  • school-sponsored events
  • parades
  • seminars
  • stand-alone flea markets
  • swap meets
  • talent shows
  • trade shows
  • workshops


The Indiana Destination Development Corporation (IDDC) reserves the right to refuse any Indiana event application based on its ability to meet the listed criteria.