Explore the Just Crusin' Trail!

Earn Rewards While you Eat!

AJ's Main Street Diner

Made-to-order diner in operation since the 1950s. Serving the best omelets in the area. Their gravy is dairy-free and delicious! Daily lunch specials.

Cammack Station

Cammack Station is a place where friends gather, people smile, and the nostalgic presence is a welcome break from today’s chain restaurants.

Carlson's Drive-In

Offering traditional, homemade root beer with an experience enhanced by a delightfully varied selection of drive-in cuisine. Open early February through early October.

Derby Tavern

The Derby Tavern is a family restaurant and bar located with beautiful scenic views of the Ohio River.

Fry's A&W

A locally owned, classic Drive-In restaurant gives you the best taste of the American way!

Gene's Root Beer Drive-In

Founded in 1964, Gene's Root Beer is best known for its homemade root beer and housemade specialty coney sauce that's called Spanish sauce.

Jimmie's Dairy Bar

Serving perfectly cooked bbq sandwiches, mushrooms and Bbq pork is the hallmark of this restaurant. Delicious coffee, chocolate shake or milkshakes are among the most often ordered drinks.

Oasis Diner

Located in Plainfield, Oasis Diner has been ranked by several news organizations to have some of the best tenderloins in the country.

Ray's Drive-In

Known for their famous King Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches and Jumbo Cheeseburgers. Drive in and experience the nostalgia of one of Kokomo's oldest restaurants.

Southside Soda Shop

Built in the early 1900s the building was initially opened as a grocery store in 1910. In the 1940s the original Bastian Blessings soda fountain was installed where it still remains!

The Brown House

Beginning in 1949 at the Dekalb County Free Fall Fair, we love keeping to our roots by keeping traditoin alive and bringing new fun to families!

The Original Frozen Custard

An old-fashioned soda fountain menu features favorite drive-in foods: delicious shakes, sundaes and 12 different flavors of custards, Spanish dogs, giant fish sandwiches and onion rings.

The Tasty Freeze

Since 2001, The Tasty Freeze family has been serving up the best ice cream and hamburgers you can find!

Walls Drive-IN

Serve freshly made to order burgers, tenderloins, fries, ice cream and more of your old time drive-ins. Locally owned and operated, they takes you back in time with the Drive-In experience.