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We are happy that you wish to submit a local Military Site to be included on our webpage. Below is a form where you can fill out basic information about your military site. If we decide to include your site on our webpage, we may reach out for more details. 


When submitting military sites, we are looking for specific things in a military site. As such, submitting the form does not guarantee the inclusion of your site on the webpage. Below are a couple more guidelines that may factor into whether your military site gets chosen or not.

  • Provide a Specific URL: Please provide a URL that goes directly to information about your military site. Homepages for larger site or general visitor websites will dissuade us from choosing your site.
  • Provide how this Military Site will help Tourism: Please provide how the military site could drive interstate tourism in the "military site significance" portion. 
  • Do Not Submit Private Military Sites: The site must be open to the public to be considered.

Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your military site to Visit Indiana. We will be sure to reach out if we need more information and inform you of the website's publication.

Submission of this form does NOT guarantee the inclusion of your military site on the webpage.

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