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Military Locations IN Northwest Indiana

Being close to Chicago and Lake Michigan gives Northwest Indiana a shared history with Michigan and Illinois. While those living there are distinctly Hoosier, their geographical closeness became relevant in the cold war when the United States feared an attack from its Russian adversary.

Being the region nearest Chicago and directly between Chicago and Russia, during the cold war the Northwestern part of Indiana was outfitted with a Nike Missile Site C-47, which is still available to be seen today. You can see the blast doors and the guard house, which used to guard the launching areas.

While the Nike Missile Site is impressive, it is not the only thing to explore in Northwestern Indiana. There are many other military locations such as the Veterans Memorial Park, which has an array of bronze and granite sculptures and life-size monuments honoring veterans, and the Civil War Camps, which marks the sites of two Civil War training camps where civilians would become soldiers before going off to fight. There is so much to explore in Northwest Indiana!


Michigan City East Pier Lighthouse

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Northwest Indiana has such a unique history due to it's closeness to the dunes, Lake Michigan, and Chicago. With so much to explore, we made exploring easy with our map. Find your location and explore what is near you or plan a trip to see some of the amazing locations throughout Indiana.

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