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Military Locations IN Western Indiana

In Western Indiana, you'll find a lot of interesting military locations, but among them is a hidden gem not known by many: the Ernie Pyle Museum.

Ernie Pyle was a journalist who became famous in World War II for getting close to the action and writing very truthfully about the war. The Indy Star noted, "Pyle did not shy away from conveying the loneliness, terror and horror of war. Pyle told the folks back home what every soldier really wanted to tell them - war is hell." For his effort, Pyle won a Pulitzer Prize, but he would die soon afterward when, on the way to visit men on the frontlines, Japanese machine gunners would shoot him down. His birthplace, house, and museum exist in Dana, Indiana, to this day.

The Ernie Pyle Museum is not the only thing to explore in Western Indiana. There is also the Westernmost Naval Battle of the Revolution, which marks where Cpt. Leonard Helm captured seven boats during the Revolutionary War days after Clark's victory, the Veterans Memorial Museum of Terre Haute, which is the personal collection of Brian Mundell of various military artifacts, and so much more. It is all waiting to be explored in Western Indiana!


Terre Haute

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Western Indiana is the birthplace of many Hoosier heroes like Ernie Pyle, but it is also the site of many interesting and pivotal moments in history. With so much to explore, we made exploring easy with our map. Find your location and explore what is near you or plan a trip to see some of the amazing locations throughout Indiana.

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