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See the Military Cemeteries IN Indiana

Learn about the past, discover those who came before and how they were loved, and reminisce on life—all by visiting a cemetery. Military cemeteries provide places for our fallen heroes to rest after a life lived of sacrifice and service. They exist as a place to give respects to those who gave so much for the freedom and prosperity of our state and country.

Below are only a couple of the well-known military cemeteries where beloved members of the community, brave heroes, and valiant warriors rest. Standing in a cemetery will remind any viewer of the price of freedom.


Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Find Cemeteries IN Indiana

There are many final resting places for our nation's heroes all throughout Indiana. With so much to explore, we made exploring easy with our map. Find your location and explore what is near you or plan a trip to see some of the amazing locations throughout Indiana.

The map is currently set to only show Military Cemeteries. Click here if you want to have the control of choosing to filter by conflicttype, or region. You may also click on the map to see what locations are revealed and more information about them.