From the world's largest ball of paint to a giant peach, Indiana is home to numerous incredible oddities that will make you want to pull over. These 20 roadside attractions are all great reasons to reroute your road trip.

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Pink Elephant, Roadside Attractions

Pink Elephant, Fortville

The bespectacled, cocktail-sipping elephant stands on a flatbed trailer in from of Elite Beverages in Fortville. This roadside attraction is the physical manifestation of the classic American euphemism of "seeing pink elephants," an early 20th-century expression used to describe someone who was intoxicated. Thus, the Pink Elephant is a strange but fitting mascot for the store. Its flatbed trailer is sometimes even pulled during parades!

The Grave in the Road, Roadside Attractions

The Grave in the Road, Franklin

After passing away in 1831, Nancy Barnett was buried on a hill. Her grave laid untouched until the early 1900s when county officials wanted to put a road in that spot. Her relatives defended her grave with a shotgun, so the state built the street around her. The road splits around her gravesite to this day with one lane on the side of the grave and one lane on the other.

Flick Statue Photo by @flynnsterthehipster on Instagram.

Flick Statue, Hammond

Don't lick flag poles! That is great advice now, and it would've been good advice in a holiday classic film. No Christmas season is complete without a viewing of the iconic movie, A Christmas Story. Set in northern Indiana, one of the movie's most iconic scenes is when the helpless Flick gets his tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole on a triple-dog-dare. A beautiful bronze statue of the memorable moment stands outside of the South Shore Welcome Center in Hammond. Seriously though, don't lick the flag pole.

Joe Palooka Statue, Roadside Attractions

Joe Palooka, Oolitic

Joe Palooka was a 1930's comic strip that featured a heavyweight boxing champion of the same name. The cultural icon was not only displayed in comics, but also movies, a TV show, radio series, and board game. The 10-ft Joe Palooka statue was built with Indiana limestone as a celebration during the 100th anniversary of the Indiana Limestone Company.

Monster Turtle of Fulk Lake, Roadside Attractions

Monster Turtle of Fulk Lake, Churubusco

For decades, sightings of a monster turtle ran rampant at Fulk Lake. Though the legendary monster turtle was never captured,  Churubusco placed a 12-foot statue on the north end of town in honor of the Monster Turtle of Fulk Lake. Fondly named "Oscar, the turtle inspired the annual "Turtle Days" festival.

World's Largest Ball of Paint, Roadside Attractions

World's Largest Ball of Paint, Alexandria

What started as a regular baseball is now the world's largest ball of paint with over 26,000 layers. Mike and Glenda Carmichael have been owners of the 4,000-pound ball for 40 years. Visitors can help expand it by painting their very own coat! Be sure to call or email to set up an appointment before you visit.

Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower, Roadside Attractions

Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower, Berne

Settlers from Switzerland predominantly founded Berne with a legacy that lives on throughout the city. The 160-foot tall clock tower in the Muensterberg Plaza is a salute to the Zytglogge Tower in Switzerland. Catch old-world charm and a glockenspiel presentation daily at this Adams County landmark.

Giant Lady's Leg Sundial, Roadside Attractions Photo by Mandy Crandell

Giant Lady's Leg Sundial, Roselawn

Time is told in a skin-baring way at one of Roselawn's two nudist colonies, Sun Aura. The 63-foot long leg sundial is positioned to tell time! The location is a "clothing optional" camp now, so you don't need to be naked to get a photo of this fascinating timepiece.

Seashell Chapel, Roadside Attractions

Seashell Chapel, Terre Haute

This shrine to St. Anne on the grounds of Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods College is likely smaller than your bedroom. Completely covered in beautiful shells, the St. Anne Shell Chapel was directed to be built by Mother Theodore Guerin in the mid-1800s. Most of its shells were collected from the Wabash River by the Sisters of the Providence.

Muffler Man, Roadside Attractions

Muffler Man, Montpelier

The Muffler Man of Montpelier is famous for its appearance in the opening credits of Parks & Recreation. The Muffler Men are a collection of tall fiberglass titans that stand along the roadways of America. There are many representations of American culture, including Indians, cowboys, and lumberjacks. Montpelier's Indian Muffler Man is a tribute for a local chief.

Giant Peach, Bruceville

Giant Peach, Bruceville

We all know that peaches are delicious treats, but who knew that they could be mighty giants? The 20-foot Giant Peach sits next to an actual roadside produce stand. However, those with mighty appetites may be disappointed, for the produce for sale is all average size. The Giant Peach was built to pay homage to the Trylon and Perisphere that debuted at the 1939 New York World's Fair.

Courthouse Tree, Roadside Attractions

Courthouse Tree, Greensburg

For over 100 years, Greensburg has had a tree growing out the top of the county courthouse. In the late 19th century, citizens of the town noticed that a small stem was growing on the building 110 feet above the ground. That stem was never removed, and now the tree refuses to die!

Dan Patch, Roadside Attractions

Dan Patch, Oxford

America's most famous athlete in the first decade of the 20th century ran the mile in 1:55, a record that stood for over 30 years. A genuinely dominant competitor, Dan Patch never lost a race. The Benton County stable where he was born is adorned with his name and record blazing time.

Old Ben and Sycamore Stump, Roadside Attractions

Old Ben and Sycamore Stump, Kokomo

The world's largest steer was born, raised, and taxidermied in all of his posterity in Howard County. Old Ben was on the Murphy Farm in 1902. He weighed 125 pounds at birth and grew 100 pounds a month! Right next to Old Ben is the incredibly large Sycamore Stump. Estimated to be 1,500-years old, the stump is 12 feet tall, over 50 feet in circumference, and 18 feet wide.

Tulip Trestle , Roadside Attractions

Tulip Trestle, Bloomfield

The Tulip Trestle, a spectacular railroad bridge, was built in 1906 to haul coal out of Greene County. It was the largest trestle in the United States and third-largest in the world at one point. Visitors can experience the massive structure from below by walking along the stream or driving past the observation deck.

Wendell Willkie Mural , Roadside Attractions

Wendell Wilkie Mural, Rushville

Wendell Willkie was an Indiana native who ran for President on the Republican ticket in 1940. His grassroots campaign was unique for its time, allowing him to collect over 22,000,000 votes in the general election. A mural on the side of Rushville Pharmacy pays tribute to his presidential campaign.

Champ of Great Dane, Roadside Attractions

Champ of Great Dane, Brazil

Champ stands tall and proud in front of US-40 in Brazil.  The 70-year-old statue resided in Florida and Georgia before coming home to the Great Dane Trailers plant in Indiana. The recently restored dog is 17 feet paw to tip of his ears, stands on a 3-foot base, and weighs a total of 800 pounds.

Warm Glow Candle, Roadside Attractions

Warm Glow Candle, Centerville

One of the world's largest candles is found at the Warm Glow Candle Outlet on I-70 in eastern Indiana. Not only can you stop by and admire the massive candle, but you can also shop at the store which offers over 60 fragrances of candles and products. The 22,000 square-feet facility is perfect for all types of visitors. Read More.

Orville Redenbacher, Roadside Attractions

Orville Redenbacher, Valparaiso

The King of Popcorn, Orville Redenbacher, was born in Brazil and built a popcorn factory in Valparaiso. The Orville Redenbacher brand has become of the most well known in the entire world. A bronze-replica of the businessman sits forever on a bench in Valparaiso's downtown park.

Giant Santa, Roadside Attractions

Giant Santa, Santa Claus

A trip to the town of Santa Claus is not complete without a photo with Santa! The newly restored Historic Santa Statue is one of the larger roadside attractions, standing 22 feet and weighing 80,000 pounds. As they like to say, the statue is dedicated to the children of the world!

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