The Basketball Experience IN Indiana

Hoosier Hysteria is the state of excitement surrounding basketball IN Indiana. It is a culture, a passion and an emotion for sport you can’t find anywhere else. To celebrate our love of basketball, Visit Indiana has developed a place to find the most popular, obscure, and interesting places to see, visit, and experience! Come and be swept up in the excitement of Hoosier Hoops through art, architecture, special events, culture and competition while learning the history of Indiana’s favorite sport along the way. 

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The Home of Basketball

Indiana’s love for basketball is no secret. Simply perusing a list of the vast number of locations and attractions based around the state’s favorite sport, one can see that Hoosiers love the game. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, once said, "Basketball really had its origin in Indiana, which remains the center of the sport." While Indiana cannot claim to be the birthplace of basketball, it has long since called itself the "Home" of basketball. From Indianapolis, home of the NCAA National Headquarters, the Indiana Pacers, the NCAA Hall of Champions and the Crispus Attucks Museum, to Henry County, home of The Hoosier Gym, setting of the basketball cult-classic movie "Hoosiers,” the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, and the largest high school gym in the nation, New Castle Fieldhouse, Indiana clearly has earned the title the Home of Basketball.

By visiting any of Indiana’s amazing spots, one can learn about the state’s storied history of basketball. From historic Hinkle Fieldhouse on Butler University’s campus in big city Indianapolis to the small towns of MilanSwayzee, and Knightstown, Indiana's basketball history runs deep and is waiting to be discovered. Museums such as the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center offer special exhibits on Hoosiers like Chuck Taylor and extensive resources for those basketball fans that want to take a deeper look.

Create Your Basketball Experience!

Find all the ways you can experience basketball IN Indiana near you!

There are many basketball-themed spaces and places throughout Indiana - from statues and murals to historic gyms and museums. With so many locations and multiple ways to see it all, the process of planning your unique basketball experience can be daunting. We have curated several trip ideas to make creating your best game plan easier as you Experience Basketball IN Indiana.

Pick from one of seven trips! Whether you want to see and admire, visit and learn, or get your heart racing and experience, we have trips for you. For the art lover, there are murals and statues to see. For the adrenaline junkie looking for that heart-pumping buzzer-beater, seeing games in person is the way to go. Indiana boasts some of the best boys and girls high school players in the country, college teams at all levels, NAIA and NCAA National championship events, and the 2024 NBA All-star Game. For historians, multiple museums bring basketball to life through interactive exhibits, photograph collections and one-of-a-kind memorabilia. We have something for every basketball fan to experience.

Each location includes multiple things to do in the region, making it easy to plan your day and find a great restaurant or a unique small town to check out. Click here to discover our many locations!

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