Things to do IN East Central Indiana

East Central Indiana

East Central Indiana is a place with a lot of history, a lot of art, and a lot of hope. From the creator of Garfield, Jim Davis, and James Dean in Grant County, to Wilbur Wright and Robert Indiana in Henry County, to Bob Ross in Delaware County, to the countless people that have lived and worked all over the region, they have all called East Central Indiana home. You can genuinely walk where legends have stood. And while you walk in the footprints of legends, East Central Indiana offers many places to rest, eat, and enjoy yourself. 

Garfield the Cat

Must See Attractions IN East Central Indiana

Mounds State Park

You don't have to go to Stonehenge to see strange ancient earthworks. Mounds State Park features ten, built by prehistoric Indians.


Explore the life, philosophy, and art of the iconic American painter inside the historic home where The Joy of Painting was filmed.

Counties IN East Central Indiana

With twelve counties in total, East Central Indiana has the most counties of any region IN Indiana, and each has its unique history, atmosphere, and purpose in the area. With many counties being the home of famous individuals and others having unique and amazing stories to tell, there is no shortage of reasons to visit East Central Indiana, explore each county, and find what they offer. So, are you IN?

East Central Indiana Region

Blackford County

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Blackford County, Indiana, is a small county comprised of two primary cities: Hartford City, the county seat, and Montpelier, its nearby neighbor. Both cities are full of things to do, but Blackford County's claim to fame is their Statue of Chief Godfrey, which appears in the intro to the NBC show, "Parks and Recreation." Find your fun IN Blackford County.

Things to Do IN Blackford County, Indiana

Delaware County

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If you want to paint "happy little trees, " you should head to Delaware County, Indiana. Delaware County is home to the city of Muncie, Minnetrista Museum, and Ball State University. Minnetrista has the Bob Ross Experience, where Bob Ross fans can see where they shot the show and experience a tiny bit of the happy painter. There are many more things to do, like following the Garfield Trail, visiting 14 statues of the famous comic cat across the county, or visiting the David Owsley Museum of Art. Enjoy art IN Delaware County!

Things to Do IN Delaware County, Indiana

Garfield Trail

Visit 14 fun and unique statues of America's favorite fat cat, Garfield! Great family photo ops with everybody's…


Explore the life, philosophy, and art of the iconic American painter inside the historic home where The Joy of…

Fayette County

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Fayette County, Indiana, is well worth the visit, with several attractions that will provide fun for the whole family. Fayette County is home to Connersville and the Whitewater River. Many of its notable sites revolve around the Whitewater River, and you can go tubing or kayaking along it at Whitewater River Adventures or see it from a luxurious ride on a train at The Whitewater Valley Railroad. You will find fun for the whole family in Fayette County!

Things to Do IN Fayette County, Indiana

Grant County

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Grant County is primarily rural but has several hidden gems for those willing to look. One of its more famous things to do is follow the Garfield Trail. As the creator of Garfield was born in the city of Marion, 14 statues of the famous fat cat are scattered throughout the county for people to take pictures with. Suppose you get hungry while looking for all those orange cats. In that case, Grant County has excellent restaurants such as the legendary Ivanhoes, an ice cream restaurant with over 100 options, or the up-and-coming Payne's if you want to experience some culinary food from across the pond. Visit Grant County and enjoy all the great things to do there.

Things to Do IN Grant County, Indiana

Garfield Trail

Visit 14 fun and unique statues of America's favorite fat cat, Garfield! Great family photo ops with everybody's…


Ivanhoe’s is a legendary Indiana restaurant known for its ice cream treats. With over 100 options, there is a flavor…


Want some cultural food from across the pond? Payne's is a unique restaurant serving British cuisine that will make…

James Dean Trail

Walk the James Dean Trail, see the motorcycle shop where he bought his, take a picture at the James Dean Memorial…

Henry County

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In Henry County, Indiana, you can walk where legends stand. Henry County is home to all kinds of crazy things to do, like visiting The Hoosier Gym, famous for being where the 1986 basketball movie "Hoosiers" was filmed and is still open to the public, or seeing the Wilbur Wright Birthplace & Museum and honor one of the fathers of aviation, or maybe visit where the iconic LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana was first conceived handcrafted which has replicas across the globe. Follow your legends IN Henry County.

Things to Do IN Henry County, Indiana

The Hoosier Gym

The Hoosier Gym is famous for being a filming location for the 1986 basketball movie Hoosiers and still is open to…

Robert Indiana Art

The iconic LOVE sculpture was built by Robert Indiana, a Henry County local, and has several versions around the…

Howard County

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Kokomo and Howard County, Indiana, have many things to see that amaze the whole family. From the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company, which created bottles back in the day and now creates terrific colored glass art, to take a step back in time at the Seiberling Mansion, Howard County has many things to do and see. See the extraordinary IN Howard County!

Things to Do IN Howard County, Indiana

Jay County

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Jay County, Indiana, has something fun for the whole family. The towns hold treasures of all kinds, like Dunkirk Glass, a glass museum in Dunkirk, or the Museum of The Soldier, which preserves pieces of military history, and outside of the towns, the natural beauty of Jay County is fantastic. Visit the Loblolly Marsh Wetlands Nature Preserve for handicapped-accessible trails and hiking. Find your hidden gems IN Jay County.

Things to Do IN Jay County, Indiana

Dunkirk Glass

At one point, 23 separate glass factories operated within Dunkirk. All but one have closed, but their legacy…

Madison County

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With several iconic locations that will make lasting memories, Madison County, Indiana, is waiting for you to explore. See the World's Largest Ball of Paint, which started as a painted baseball and now has around 30,000 coats of paint, or eat chocolate and laugh at puns at Uranus Fudge Factory, or roll the dice at Harrah's Hoosier Park Casino. There are tons of things to do and memories to make. Find your home away from home IN Madison County.

Things to Do IN Madison County, Indiana

Falls Park

The park contains the "falls" on Fall Creek, playgrounds, a swimming pool, a sports complex, and a golf course for a…

Randolph County

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Randolph County is your place if you like pies, being scared, or art. Famous for being the home of Wick's Pies, Inc., which bakes hundreds of pies a day and serves them to guests, and Randolph County Haunted Asylum, which was initially built in 1899 and said to be full of dark wards and spirits, Randolph County gives a wide range of things to do for all visitors. Find the paranormal in Randolph County.

Things to Do IN Randalph County, Indiana

Rush County

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Whether you like spending time with animals, enjoying the art of quilting, or being interested in what could have been, Rush County may be the spot for you. Stop by Clifty Creek Alpaca Farm to spend some time with the animals and see their on-site store, or head to the Quilters Hall of Fame, which celebrates the worldwide art of quilting, or visit the Wendell Willkie Mural, which depicts the only native-born Hoosier to be nominated for the presidency. Wherever your path takes you, you will have something for you IN Rush County.

Things to Do IN Rush County, Indiana

Cardinal Greenways

Cardinal Greenways is Indiana's longest span of recreational trails; the greenways are paved trails suitable for…

Tipton County

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Grab some Groomsville Popcorn and head to the Diana Theatre cause you won't want to miss Tipton County. Tipton County is mostly farmland, providing food to thousands of people yearly. Still, it is also marked by several interesting locations and a warm atmosphere reminiscent of a simpler time. Try to be there during their famous Tipton Pork Festival and pick up finger-licking food. Discover hidden gems IN Tipton County.

Things to Do IN Tipton County, Indiana

Diana Theatre

The single-screen Diana Theatre is a throwback to gentler and warmer times. Movies are selected with family values…

Groomsville Popcorn

Groomsville Popcorn has been grown on the family's farm for five generations! They take great pride in growing a…

Wayne County

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If you are interested in history, Wayne County offers a unique look. It is the home to the Levi and Catharine Coffin House, which was once called the “The Grand Central Station of the Underground Railroad.” Learn about how more than 1,000 enslaved people passed through here on their way to freedom in Canada. Wayne County also has the Gennett Records Walk of Fame, which has some of the pioneers in jazz like Louis Armstrong, Hoagy Carmichael, Jelly Roll Morton, and Duke Ellington immortalized as massive records made of stone. Look at the old Gennett Records building as well. Take a step into the past IN Wayne County.

Things to Do IN Wayne County, Indiana

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